Incredible Lyme disease recovery story - Dr Pankaj Naram

Life Back, Sun Coming Through

I’m a 36 yr old teacher that got so sick ten years ago. At the age of 26, I felt vertigo, extreme fatigue, got sick a lot, went for 6 months undiagnosed.
On every level it wiped out my life – exercises, work, social life and other abilities because of the symptoms and fatigue.
I lost my life as I knew it two times from Lyme disease. I have it back again so don’t want to even write too much about the past and illness, but I will now in case it helps someone.

When I was 26, after it was diagnosed, I did a year of antibiotics and got feeling better. Two years after this, it surfaced again, all the symptoms, and lasted 1.5 yrs. This depleted my life/ability to function normally – I could barely work, or exercises, or even shower some days, and couldn’t even walk up stairs w/out needing a break.
After the relapse I spent 1.5 yrs on antibiotics and still was sick, so then I tried so many things. For example, I tried Chinese herbs for 8 months. After 2 yrs of bad sleep and symptoms, my sleep got back to normal, so it helped a little.
I got from maybe 40% health to 65% on Chinese herbs.

Then is when I heard about Master Healer Naram from a student, saw him for the first time, and started to see him every 6 months after.
How would I describe him? He is jolly, positive, simple, & intuitively knowing all your symptoms in a quick pulse reading.
I took Naram’s herbs only after that, and saw consistent, gentle, gradual improvement each 6 months and throughout. I have gotten slowly better. As the years went by, and I did what Naram recommended, all symptoms faded. It was a gentle, slow, subtle healing w/ no side effects, no herx (usually “you get sicker before better” the western meds say w/ Lyme).

4 yrs later – now I feel 99% symptom free!
I do have to eat vegetarian and greens and, well, keep stress low, sleep properly and keep lifestyle healthy and balance, and do prayer and yoga. I attribute that all too, to healing, in conjunction w/ Naram’s work/herbs. It is part of the lifestyle Naram recommends too, in addition to the herbs.
For 4 yrs now, I have not taken any western meds, nothing else, just Master Healer Naram’s herbs, healthy vegetarian diet, yoga, meditation, etc.

I have my life back!
I am thriving, living, teaching, and do all I want. I even traveled 3 months abroad on his herbs and had no physical symptoms of Lyme disease now at all.

For others who are struggling with the same issue what would I recommend?
Try a new system of healing if the current one you are on doesn’t work. Don’t believe you will always be sick if you having a chronic illness that can heal. Think in the direction of wellness, whatever you do, and see yourself well. This system works slowly, gradually, but gave safer, long-term benefits to me.
Be open minded. Try it. Be intelligent, and access for yourself to see if it works.
I suggest try only one system at a time, keep healing simple, and stick w/ one regime a few months – see if you are getting better before trying another if it isn’t working.
Focus on healing, don’t be too in your mind about the studies of research. It is good to be educated, yes, but don’t let the ‘mind stuff’ get in your way of the intuitive abilities to guide you to the right healer/healing herb or medicine.
Know the Universe can help you get well and offer yourself to the world with vitality, if you trust and want it. If you are still sick don’t blame yourself, modify your activities as you need and pray/hope your life can be improved over time.

Trust you can get well. Be careful of who you are around: positive people, less stress, eat well, exercises gentle /moderately if able, do yoga, breathing exercises, prayer and meditate daily until you have your life back.
I have my life back now. Got it back slowly as I healed.

Thank you Master Healer Naram. Deep bows. Namaste. Blessings and wishing you eternal vitality and peace always.



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